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In my foot steps, 40 years later!

Forty years ago, 1966-67, I spent a one year tour of duty in Thailand with the US Army Signal Corps. Duties there sent me from BangkoMe with Monk 66k to the Mekong, with most of the time spent in Korat. As you might know, I was not there as a tourist, but we did get to see some sights. My year there will hoepfully be a subject of many future blogs, with pictures, etc., as soon as I get the time to do it. I mean there’s a lot of stuff going on in my life right now, what with golf, and guitar work and cleaning out the garage and stuff like that, not to mention my real job. But I digress.
The reason for today’s entry is I just received an email with some pictures from our son. He has spent two seasons in Antarctica, and as mentioned previously, we met up with him in New Zealand recently. When we left him in Auckland, and returned to California, he departed for Australia, thence to Thailand. We have followed with great interest his travels via his web site , where you can also get caught up on his travels.
Ok, so here’s a couple of pictures. The first one is me in 1966 or 67 Son with Monk 06with a monk inside a wat (temple). I believe this was in Korat. The second is a picture of our son with his very own monk meeting, forty years later. He is in a casual conversation with two monks in Cambodia. Way to go Bill. H
e said that he had long discussions with the monks, who spoke wonderful English. I won’t say anymore, as this will probably end up with more detail on elementarypenguin, I hope. I know that my monk spoke no English, and there was very little conversation, except that he was happy to accept a few baht in order to allow me to have this picture taken.
Anyway, I thought the two pictures to be pretty neat, and wanted to share.

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